Foundations in Professional 形象顾问 Skills Certificate



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In this certificate, you will learn the career opportunities of the image consulting profession along with the essential skills needed to effectively analyze and advise individual clients on their appearance, wardrobe combinations and their image communications. Diagnostic skills covered include facial analysis, body proportion and clothing fit, clothing style personality, color concepts for wardrobe planning, and accessory selection.

Upon completion, you’ll have the basic knowledge and foundation needed upon which 建立一个成功的形象咨询实践. 你将能够开始分析 clients in order to better guide them in their clothing and personal image choices.

Emphasis is on use of various assessment methodologies that blend the art of fashion 有了选衣服的科学. 这包括动手活动,练习 using elements of their own wardrobe for demonstration as well as interacting with 参加线上或线下小组分析活动的同学.

Learn the art of helping others refine their personal or professional appearance to 增强自信,风格和衣柜投资. 研究颜色,适合度,配件, and visual principles as you develop the skills that support a positive transformation 为你自己和其他人在这个信息丰富的课程.


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  • 网上搜索作业
  • A standard laptop or desktop computer that is capable of running the latest browser 流媒体
  • 内置或外置网络摄像头和扬声器

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  • Define image consulting, services, and niches of an image consulting business
  • Diagnose facial characteristics, face shapes, line direction/movement, scale, and 特性
  • Select necklines, accessories, eyewear, prints, and fabric textures
  • Identify the 4 properties of color,  analyze undertone and season, contrast levels, 暖色到冷色,以及季节色彩理论

  • Identify different body shapes and dressing solutions for different body challenges

  • Examine fabric characteristics including color, texture, pattern, weight, drape, and weave and their relation to lifestyle, facial, and body 特性
  • Observe garment details and silhouettes and how they relate to body proportions and 身体形象 
  • Understand fashion styles, clothing personalities, messaging, comfort zones, lifestyle, 个人形象与目标

  • Utilize fashion trends and gain an understanding of important designers, their trademarks 以及持续的影响
  • Identify the steps of a wardrobe/closet analysis and the benefits of capsule dressing
  • 与客户沟通,礼仪的注意事项



  • 皇冠8868 is the first globally recognized academic institution to offer an extensive certificate 形象顾问培训计划(1995年起)
  • The diverse instructor team is globally recognized, they are pioneers in the image 咨询行业
  • The instructors have worked with both individual and corporate clients worldwide, some have authored books and developed train the trainer programs for global corporations
  • The instructor team brings decades of image business experience to the curriculum 以及学生的学习经验
  • Earn a certificate from 皇冠8868/SUNY, a world renowned college of art and design, business 和技术


  • 形象咨询简介
  • 面部和配件
  • 色彩分析概念图像专业人士
  • 身体分析和服装合身
  • 形象咨询的设计元素
  • 彩色和图像信息和图像通信
  • 有影响力的时装设计师的影响
  • 设计和构建专业服务
    • 衣橱分析,个人购物等.


皇冠8868's 集中交易对手 offers credit and noncredit certificates and courses in fashion, business, design, technology, and marketing, to help you enter into or advance your career in 时尚及相关产业. 课程短,时间灵活,你 你能在你能承受的时间和速度下学习吗.