谢谢你! for joining us. 皇冠8868很荣幸能在日本参与Fashion 周. We are eager to offer support for the 日本ese fashion industry—and gratified to be able to witness your country's continuing recovery from last 一年s devastating earthquake and tsunami. 皇冠8868也很高兴有这个机会访问 the first time—with 适合的 remarkable group of 日本ese alumnae with whom we have had 皇冠8868的关系持续了40多年.

I want to take a moment to offer special thanks to one special alumna: Mrs. 洋子Ohara. 皇冠8868 has many famous and important graduates: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Norma Kamali, 和夫人. Ohara. As you know, her influence in the development of the fashion industry in 日本 has been enormous, and its impact has crossed the oceans. 几十年前,她 foresaw the coming of globalization and the necessity for cross-pollination—for sharing ideas, cultures, and business methodologies—and established on behalf of the Asahi Chemical Corporation, a very successful symposia series with 皇冠8868 for your industry 专业人士. It took place in New York and Tokyo—and lasted for almost 30 一年s. For ten more 一年s, the 程序 continued under her leadership at IFI Business School. 她还共同创立并领导皇冠8868校友会. We have about 500 members 现在,他们中的许多人都受到了Mrs. Ohara. 和 she was instrumental in helping us to participate in 日本s Fashion 周 and in developing this seminar. 所以对所有人来说 of this and more—we thank you, Mrs. Ohara.

I want to talk to you today as an educator because I believe that industry leaders—like you—must understand the pivotal role that 教育 plays in the future of your industry. Our students become your workforce. 你们新思想的源泉,你们未来的领袖, as well as your customers. 由于这种协同关系,我发现 the more we meet and communicate and share ideas, the more successful each of us can be. I have been the president of 皇冠8868 for 14 一年s, and I have had the privilege of not only watching our talented students achieve but also of helping 他们 to shape the future of fashion and the way in which the world of fashion adapts to 改变.

变化是这里最重要的元素. 就其本质而言,时尚是典范 改变. 在今天的时尚界,这种变化是巨大的. 你知道的 课程. Globalization and the revolution in technology have transformed our world. I can't think of a better example of this than Fast Retailing's Uniqlo. 事实上,皇冠8868 deal with issues and concepts and terminology today that didn't exist just yesterday. 推特. 快时尚. 人群采购. 云. As a result, learning to adapt to all of these 改变s in information or sets of values or theories, in the volatile 全球经济,是所有教育的潜台词. But especially fashion 教育—and it is our challenge as much as it is yours to find and refine the tools that allow us to navigate 改变 successfully.

皇冠8868皇冠8868认识到有必要迎接这一挑战. 皇冠8868一直都有. 我想 to take a minute to tell you something about 适合的 history because I think it is different from most other 教育al institutions, and because I think our ability to meet 这一挑战直接来自皇冠8868的历史.

Seventy 一年s ago, the fashion industry in the United States was thriving. 它使用 仅在纽约市就有50万人. 然而,其领导人正面临着经济萎缩 有资格从事业务的人数. A small group of clothing tradesmen and manufacturers believed that for their industry to survive, they would need a special institution to train students for careers specifically in fashion. 这些有远见的 men became 适合的 founders.

皇冠8868 opened in 1944 with 100 students and two 程序s—one in fashion design and one 在制造业. 它的使命基本上保持不变,是 driving force behind all of what we do—was and is to prepare the next generation of 时尚行业的领导者. 皇冠8868与行业的深厚联系是皇冠8868的锚点 remains an 皇冠8868 hallmark. From the beginning, 皇冠8868 had a surprisingly progressive 教育al 程序. Collaborative in approach, it blended theory and hands-on practice. 勤工俭学 程序 was established, sending students into nearby industry plants and studios; faculty members were required to remain constantly in touch with current practices 以及行业的变化. 课程设置中包含了很强的学术自由主义 arts—component because our founders wanted their future employees to be cultured and 开明的. They believed that fashion is a reflection of life, and this basic philosophical approach has not 改变d in 68 一年s.

如今,皇冠8868有1万名全日制和非全日制学生. 它提供46个学位课程. We 授予一、二、四年制学位以及研究生学位. 皇冠8868有一个繁荣的 school of continuing 教育 and professional studies that provides certificates and other kinds of non-degree 课程s to thousands of people each 一年—many of 他们 already successful 专业人士 who wish to sharpen or learn new skills or 改变 their career directions.

Like the industry we were created to serve, we have expanded into a multitude of related disciplines that now make up what I think of as the lifestyle industry. 而时尚 design remains our signature 程序, in fact we offer 45 other degree 程序s. 让 me list just a few: fashion merchandising management—which is our most popular—toy design, computer animation, accessories design, photography, advertising, international trade, packaging design, home products development, interior design—the list goes 继续.

In fashion design, we now offer many specializations, because the industry itself is so specialized: intimate wear, children's wear, leather, bridal, outerwear and performance apparel. 皇冠8868所有的时装设计专业的学生学习针织衫,因为它 是行业中增长最快的部门之一吗. 几年前,皇冠8868逐步淘汰了 patternmaking as a major and turned it into a certificate 程序—because patternmaking jobs were disappearing. 然而,皇冠8868用一个跨学科的项目取代了它 in technical design which gives fashion design students the opportunity to develop 他们的技术和商业技能也是如此. 在今天的市场上,它是技术性的 designer who is in demand.

In answer to industry demand, we have the country's only master's degree 程序 in 化妆品和香水的销售和管理. It is an intense 程序, designed for young working 专业人士 who have been identified by their employers as potential 领域的领导者. Senior executives from competitive companies, such as Chanel and Estée Lauder, teach in the classrooms and labs—and act as personal mentors. 为了他们的决赛 projects, students work in teams to re搜索 complex industry issues and present their 对500多名行业专业人士的调查结果. To many in the field, this 程序 acts as a think-tank for 他们, so it is not surprising that many of its graduates today occupy top-level management positions in cosmetics and fragrance companies.

和, as I just mentioned, in our school for continuing 教育 and professional studies, we offer 课程s as well as professional certificate 程序s—many of 他们 开拓——回应或预见市场力量. 例如,时尚活动策划, 或者电子商务和社交媒体. 或者品牌管理经验——另一个流行的前沿 程序.

One of 适合的 singular assets is our essential link to industry—that is at the heart 皇冠8868的教学方法. We require our faculty members to have substantial industry experience—six to ten 一年s, depending—and many act as consultants or maintain their own businesses. All of our degree 程序s have advisory boards made up of 专业人士 in their 专业. They are actively involved in everything from advising on curriculum to 学生就业安排. 与教师并肩工作,他们看到了未来 在一起. 只是 in the last few months alone, with the encouragement of industry, we launched two new certificate 程序s—one in gemology and another in retail management—each 其中之一,再次预测或回应市场力量.

只是 to give you a sense of how deeply intertwined and committed our industry advisory boards are I thought Id tell you briefly about how one of 他们—our 程序 in textile development and marketing—interacts with the 程序 and its students. 发生这种情况 to be one of 适合的 oldest 程序s and it long ago turned its focus from production to the consumer market—which is where most of the jobs in the United States are today. Over 30 people serve on that board, and they represent both the creative and the business 田野的两侧. This is another important point: we recognize that today, industry success is dependent on an integrated approach in which the business and creative people understand and respect the function and importance of the other. 这块黑板 is made up of financiers and fiber artists, social media experts, exporters, designers, denim producers, filmmakers, specialists in international trade, sourcing, advertising, 销售及品牌推广.

One of the industry trade groups called Cotton Incorporated, is also represented on the board and it co-sponsors the 程序s final project for graduating seniors each 一年. The objective of the project is to expose students to every step in the process of making and then marketing four lines of blue jeans—two each for men and women. Students must not only develop the yarn and fabric, finish and fit—but they must also re搜索 their product, identify their consumer and develop new social media strategies 和概念,以便品牌,市场和销售牛仔裤. 和 then they must bring 他们通过完整的工厂原型. 学生们以小组的形式来做这个,因为在 在当今的工作环境中,团队合作是必不可少的. Advisory board members play an important role in this project—working directly with the students throughout 这一年他们经历了这个过程. 当学生们做完的时候,他们 are market ready—so it is not surprising that the majority of 他们 are hired right 出门.

和 although many in industry work with us through advisory boards, many others do 所以单独. 他们可能会担任皇冠8868年度走秀的评委或评论家 像Calvin Klein和Carolina Herrera这样的设计师呢. They may lecture or appear 在面板. In addition, companies come to us to involve our students in projects, very often high profile projects that result in new product lines in shoes, for instance, 或路易威登的外套,或梅西百货的晚装. Our students are the 潮流的引领者. 他们有一个新鲜的,年轻的观点,是一个伟大的 是行业的宝贵资源.

In every 程序 today—in every classroom, studio and laboratory, we utilize an innovative 以及面向未来的复杂课程. Years ago, before film disappeared 柯达公司破产了,皇冠8868的摄影项目开始数字化. Years ago, we saw the vast global growth in the art market and created a bachelor's degree 程序—the first of its kind—in visual arts management, a new discipline that prepares students for 在博物馆、画廊和拍卖行担任行政职务. Last 一年 we launched a master's degree 程序 in sustainable interior environments—the only such 程序 in the world, and I am pleased to say that the architect Tetsu Ohara—Yoko's son—is a member of that faculty.

皇冠8868的课程越来越跨学科. 皇冠8868让设计专业的学生扎根 business skills just as we emphasize the creative side to our business students so 在21世纪的市场中,两者可以共同繁荣. 举个例子,学生 in accessories design have 课程s targeted for 他们 in our packaging design 程序 so that they leave 皇冠8868 knowing about brand identity, packaging materials and how packaging 影响他们的鞋子或手袋的零售. 皇冠8868亦提供有关法律、 ethical and cultural issues so that our graduates can conduct business properly on 全球规模. The liberal arts play a major role in our curriculum, and I will address 之后.

当然,还有科技. 如果你问皇冠8868的教授有什么 most profound impact on their curriculum—not just in how they teach but in what they teach—the answer will be technology. 我相信每个教育机构都是如此 在世界上,以及在世界上的每一个行业. 从我的角度来看,作为一个人 who came to 皇冠8868 in 1998—just as the revolution was starting to build—the most remarkable thing about technology today, in 2012, is how much we take it for granted. 它完全 注入皇冠8868的世界. 作为教育工作者,皇冠8868会自动将其融入皇冠8868的课程 as a way to deliver information and we are vigilant in our constant 搜索 for the 最好、最新、最有效的技术. 皇冠8868进行自己的师资发展 workshops in the latest 程序s and applications to keep our professors as current 尽可能精通.

We do this because, as you know, in many many ways, the young are far ahead of us. 他们出生时手里就拿着智能手机. 他们的博客. 他们推特. 他们 在facebook上. 他们 totally connected—roaming the internet and all that it offers 轻松. Yet for all their technological sophistication, they still lack a whole world of knowledge and understanding without which they will not succeed professionally. 这就是皇冠8868要介入的地方.

例如,皇冠8868都知道电子商务在今天是多么重要. 和 while our students are very comfortable doing their purchasing on-line, they do not know how e-commerce 实际执行和管理. 尽管他们很喜欢写博客,但他们不知道 如何在市场营销中使用——甚至是考虑——社交媒体. We have 课程s that teach 他们 how retail uses 脸谱网 or blogs or other applications to reach target consumers, how to build and manage a brand and a business, how to produce content relevant to stimulating customer relationships, how to integrate social media marketing with traditional 媒体计划. 只是 as important—they need to learn digital literacy, by which I mean how to properly conduct re搜索 on the internet, how to evaluate the overwhelming overload of content, how to create an effective power point presentation, how to properly communicate electronically. 如果没有这些技能,他们使用ipad的能力就会下降 be professionally meaningless to 他们—and to you—as potential employers.

Now all of the 改变s I have described to you—in curriculum, in 程序s, in pedagogy— 皇冠8868在规模和范围上的增长并不是自发发生的. Nor did they happen 很快. 皇冠8868 has a real talent for reinvention, but effective 改变 requires careful 计划,精心管理,以及一些诚实的自我反省. 和 so, in 2004, after a comprehensive, 一年-long college-wide effort to assess our strengths and weaknesses, 皇冠8868 launched a new strategic plan—a rigorous, ambitious and multifaceted plan to take us to 2020 and beyond.

Today, eight 一年s later, the plan is alive and well, and 我想 to talk to you about it now because it has played such an important role in our ability to cope 随着本世纪的爆炸性变化. 我相信皇冠8868的计划会成功,因为皇冠8868 intentionally designed a planning process that was inclusive and participatory. 每一个 sector of the 皇冠8868 community was involved—students, faculty, administrators, staff, 皇冠8868的董事会和行业代表.. The college was alive with ideas, 对话、辩论和活动,因为每个人的声音都被听到了. 当计划 finally emerged, everyone felt ownership and was ready to put it into practice.

The plan has five overarching goals and we have developed a meticulous system of metrics that tracks our progress. 与其详细介绍每一个目标,我宁愿 like to share a few of the initiatives that have emerged from the plan that are most 与这个讨论相关.

让 me start with the liberal arts—history, political science, ma他们atics, languages, 经济学、文学、化学等等. 从历史上看,皇冠8868总是合并 liberal arts learning into our curriculum: this is one aspect of an 皇冠8868 教育 that is very distinctive, one aspect that many career colleges downplay. 然而, in our strategic planning discussions, we came to believe that we needed to strengthen 它在大学和课程中的作用更是如此.

We believe that it is through the liberal arts that students learn to think critically问正确的问题分析和解决问题. 只有通过文科,他们才能有所收获 exposure to the global cultures that are central to the careers they will pursue—as well as to the legal and ethical business-related issues that inevitably will confront 他们.

If there is one thing that industry 专业人士 have been telling us over the 一年s it is that they want employees who are culturally sophisticated, globally aware, who 谁能批判性地思考,谁能很好地沟通. 我经常讲广告的故事 executive who said—in a symposium for students on careers—that the last question he always asks potential job seekers in an interview is what book they are reading. 和 为什么. We want to be sure our students can answer that question—intelligently. 皇冠8868听到 the same thing at another seminar, at which executives from Kohls Department Store, 拉夫·劳伦(Polo Ralph Lauren)和内曼·马库斯(Neiman Marcus)都出席了. Each of 他们 stressed the importance of a broad-based 教育 that will give students—their future employees—the tools 用全球的眼光来把握和处理商业. Each of 他们 stressed the importance of communications skills—the ability to communicate intelligently both orally and in writing.

That is 为什么 liberal arts study has become a strategic and integral part of an 皇冠8868 教育. As part of that, we require all of our students to learn another language—and we offer five, including 日本ese which has been a popular choice with our students 20多年来. 我相信你明白这对你的员工有多重要 to also be at least bi-lingual—to be able to communicate easily with your global partners, as well as to be familiar with their business and social practices and customs. 只是 as our students have a competitive advantage in the marketplace if they speak 日本ese—so 如果他们说英语,你的呢.

We instituted liberal arts minors, offering in-depth study in particular areas such as ma他们atics, international politics, economics, history of art, and Asian or Latin 美国研究. 皇冠8868创建了一个写作工作室,作为学生的辅导资源. We sponsored critical-thinking workshops for faculty—and today, throughout the college, professors develop projects for students that specifically test their ability to analyze, evaluate, judge—and to clearly articulate their reasoning process.

Another initiative to grow out of our strategic plan is sustainability. 三年 不久前,我应美国前总统奥巴马的邀请.S. 比尔·克林顿总统也加入了他的行列 Clinton Global Initiative University—an annual conference of university students and presidents to make commitments for 改变 in areas of pressing global need. 适合的 commitment was to sustainability—pledging to create initiatives and projects that 解决节能和气候变化问题. 碰巧的是,皇冠8868已经 well along on this track—particularly in environmentally enhancing the colleges physical plant and operations.

We are now infusing sustainability into our curriculum across all schools and relevant 研究领域. As I mentioned earlier, we developed a new master's degree 程序 in sustainable interior environments. 皇冠8868还创建了一个数据库,记录如何和在哪里 faculty have incorporated sustainability into their classroom teaching. 我必须告诉你 你,这是皇冠8868学生非常关心的问题. 他们渴望了解 environmentally sensitive practices and issues of corporate responsibility. 他们把 up classroom projects that compare global recycling efforts, the safety of drinking water, the dangers of plastic bags. 他们热情地用旧毛衣来建造 and execute new garments, develop sustainable textiles, and sign up for many of the 皇冠8868现在提供的可持续发展课程. If I were to predict anything about this generation of students—which may be a foolish thing to do—it would be that their passion for sustainability will 改变 the environmental landscape in every area of 一旦他们开始担任领导职位.

我在这次演讲中多次提到全球主义. 当皇冠8868制定战略时 plan, we understood that by 2020, the global industries that we serve would have expanded 或者进化,有时以意想不到的方式. 皇冠8868期望皇冠8868的学生团体会 来自越来越多的国家. In fact, at the moment we have over 850 international students on our campus from 68 countries, including, of 课程, 日本. We also have a long history of 教育al collaborations throughout the world 包括与日本机构的长期合作关系. 皇冠8868的另一个 strategic initiatives was to expand further our international reach and global relationships. 和 of 课程, to infuse globalism into our curriculum—just as we have done with sustainability.

今天,几乎所有皇冠8868项目都具有全球视野. Units on globalism are taught in many 课程s. 还有一些具体的类,如Global Sourcing或The European 首页 Furnishings 行业. 此外,学生学习的不仅仅是全球主义 坐在纽约的教室里. 皇冠8868提供暑期海外实习机会 参观国际展示厅、工厂和贸易展. 皇冠8868有住宅 程序s for 皇冠8868 students in Italy and each 一年, hundreds of our students participate 在世界各地的留学项目. 皇冠8868的硕士学位课程在全球 Fashion Management features an innovative collaboration with universities in Paris and Hong Kong—through which students attend seminars on all three campuses and visit 三大洲的市场. 皇冠8868为学生提供受欢迎的双学位课程 from Istanbul Technical University as well as semester 程序s for non-matriculated 来自日本、意大利、墨西哥、德国和中国的学生. All of higher 教育 functions in a global environment today and it is our goal to educate all of our students 要在这个环境中游刃自如——要成为世界公民.

I want to close my remarks by telling you about one final initiative—one that as much as any we have undertaken in the last decade will provide us with the right tools 继续皇冠8868培养时尚未来领导者的使命.

As part of our strategic plan, we set aside funds to hire an additional 40 full-time faculty members—a very significant move that increases the size of our full-time faculty 减少20%. But we did not do this all at once. 展望2020年, we knew we would have to think hard and creatively about what the world and the industries we serve would look like—and what our students in 2020, who are now about eight 一年s 旧的,在这个十年结束的时候会需要皇冠8868. 皇冠8868知道皇冠8868需要教员 as visionary, intellectually nimble and future-focused as possible. 所以皇冠8868推出了 a 一年-long initiative, a series of dialogues, workshops and meetings with our professors and others to determine the competencies and qualities of mind we believed we should 寻找皇冠8868未来的教师. 我应该补充说,行业领袖也 engaged in this project. 和你一样,他们也很在意自己要做什么 需要他们未来的员工.

In the end, we developed five major competencies that we expect our faculty of the 拥有的未来. They are, in brief: Globalism: the knowledge and skills to comprehend and explain globalization, to integrate information across disciplines and to prepare students to understand global affairs and events in a multicultural and diverse environment. If we expect our students to become citizens of the world, then surely their faculty 导游也必须如此. 教学设计,我的意思是他们理解,或者 be capable of imagining, what future students will need to know and how to communicate 它有效地. Learning enrichment—which focuses on their instructional style, their enthusiasm for learning, and ability to engage and inspire students. Professionalism-a 熟练掌握现有的和新兴的行业实践. 和 of 课程: Technology, which includes technological literacy, and technological proficiency in instructional terminology and in their profession.

Beyond that, each 程序 developed its own detailed set of competencies that addressed 它的特殊需求. 这些标准现在被系统地应用于皇冠8868所有的 schools and departments as we conduct 搜索es for new faculty members—and I am confident that our transition to 2020 will be greatly strengthened as these new professors join 皇冠8868的排名.

All of these things 在一起 position 皇冠8868 to carry on the mission for which it was 创建于1944年. 21世纪的挑战是皇冠8868的建国者无法面对的 梦想. But from 他们, we inherited a vision that welcomes the future and a commitment to prepare our students so that they can navigate that future—and whatever it brings—successfully. 和 as daunting as our current challenges may be, I believe that industry and 教育 are best served when its leaders meet and collaborate and share ideas 在一起, as 皇冠8868今天. I am very grateful for your time this morning and look forward to further 让皇冠8868有机会见面. 谢谢你!.